customized energy healing

Your transformation is only three simple steps away. Each healing begins with a one-on-one distance healing with an energy healer, to establish the intention for your specific, customized meditation. Next, this meditation is written and recorded with a professional voice over. Then, music is created by a professional composer, who scores your unique soundtrack, with frequencies and vibrations matched to your goals. This meditation is literally made just for you. There is only one. It’s your unique healing experience.  


Once you receive your customized energy healing, it’s yours to listen to as often as you’d like to. Hearing is healing. Listening at least once a day is suggested. Each meditation includes binaural beats, best received directly through headphones for maximum effectiveness, allowing you to experience the flow of energy healing through both hemispheres of the brain and throughout your body.


Purchase a customized energy healing and include one meditation journey of your choice and one Chakra shot. Let your healing begin instantly, while we get to work on your customized energy healing.