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Imagine a meditation that has been custom-made just for you. We did! And, our clients are feeling transformed. Our customized energy healing is a unique healing experience, never before imagined. It’s hear2heal’s signature offering. Each customized healing infuses energy and sound, to specifically match your intention. If you are ready to take a deep step into your energy, this is for you! Reach out to

get started now. 

We also have other offerings available for instant delivery. Our meditation journeys and Chakra shots can be purchased and downloaded now, for immediate healing you can buy now and let the healing begin. 

Each of our meditations is professionally crafted with sound vibrations and frequencies scientifically proven to raise your vibration. Whether you are looking to elevate your mood, find calm, or work through a specific issue, our Wavematch System delivers a soundtrack specific to your needs.

We are hear2heal. 


Each one of these guided energy meditations is designed for a specific intention: 

  • Release Stress      

  • Attract Love         

  • Boost Immunity

  • Move Through Grief

  • Relaxation Journey

Our signature creation is your ultimate transformation. 

Your energy is unique and so are your goals. This energy healing is literally made just for you. 

Each and every word, sound, frequency and vibration align with your healing intention, to help move stuck energy, for optimal wellness. Our state-of -the-art revolutionary Wavematch System combines voice, energy work, intention, music and tonal cues matched to meet your needs and raise your vibration. If you are ready to dive deep and feel good, this is for you!

Chakra shots are individualized mini-meditations, each designed to ignite a specific Chakra energy. These quick sonic boosts will keep your energy aligned. Purchase one or two, or the whole set of seven, for optimal balance and wellness.